Recipe of Month

Palak ki Dahi Chaat

This is a Monsoon Recipe by a sous chef Pankaj Sharma for 1 Portion.


6 x Palak
2 x Potato (boiled)
150ml x Sweet Curd
50ml x Sonth chutney
20 gm x Sev
2 x Onion (medium size)
10 gm x broil cumins
10 gm x black salt
Chat masala to taste
80 gm x Gram flour
Few Coriander leaves


  • Use Boiled crumbed potatoes.
  • Spanish leaf should be deep fried in gram and corn flour better (black salt and cumin powder adding in better).
  • Sweet curd should be sweet with Sugar syrup.
  • Use Ready mate sonth chuttey or home made if you have enough time and Ingredients.


  • Take a Bowl  crumble potato by hand add chopped onion seasoning and add mint or sonth sauce and mixing well.
  • Fried spinach leaf and spinach should be crisp as well


  • Base of the plate I used potato mixture and than crisp fried spinach.
  • Pour both sauces  in balanced quality.
  • Garnish with sev and broiled cumin.