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With an Eye on Sustainability Is our future secure by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava

With an Eye on  Sustainability Is our future secure by Chef  Vaibhav Bhargava
With ‘Sustainability’ being the buzzword, have we all started to interpret it in our own ways? What should today’s consumers know about sustainable practices? Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, Consultant Chef, Food Stylist and Entrepreneur, simplifies it for us.

We are all aware of the definition that sustainability has offered since the very beginning. It means meeting our own needs without compromising on the ability of future generations to meet their own needs by not diminishing the earth’s natural resources. Whilst it is an important notion to consider for the planet, it is also a trend that is growing in popularity.

For me incorporating lots of plant-based produce, reducing food waste has been a crucial practice since the very beginning. I firmly practice what I preach. In my restaurant this has been a very important factor to promote sustainable food practices. This way we look at reducing waste by using all of the produce; where previously large quantities of vegetable peelings went in the bin to get a perfectly shaped veggie tray.

While jotting thoughts with my team, I often put in a lot of thought behind how much food the restaurant needs to prepare in advance – can any of this be made to order instead? Because large batch cooking means that food may not get used before it goes out of date. Whilst batch cooking may save time, it can be a waste of both money and food and a practice that no longer serves the kitchen and the guest. Keeping all this in mind, I feel with a little proactiveness we will be able to achieve a secure future.

We need to take things one day at a time but be mindful of our day to day practices because the future depends upon the decisions and developments made in the present.