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Healthy Tips During Monsoon

Healthy Tips  During Monsoon

By Chef Lalit Mohan

Monsoon brings the relief to everyone around after the burning hot summer indeed this is very romantic season to enjoy, even the birds start singing & the Peacock our national bird starts dancing. But at the other side it’s a time when everyone needs to be extra careful about the different types of infections.

Chef Lalit Mohan told us about the precautionary measures one should need to be following during the monsoon. During this season moisture in the air increases to very high level. The fungi tends to grow and multiply very fast in such conditions and spoils food and food products very easily.

Suggesting few tips for food & Personal Hygiene

Kitchen or the Cooking area: It must be clean and dry. Hygienic as well kept clean round the clock to avoid the chances of any types of microbial contamination during the cooking. Say No to street food: Avoid to eat Tikkis, Bhaturas, pakoras and Samosaes. Moreover we know the water used for chaat-papri and golgappa are likely to be contaminated, chances of developing water- borne diseases like cholera and typhoid are very high.

Stomach Problems: it’s very common during this season, specially using of potatoes and onions which sometimes kept in open for long and cause to food Poisoning , Gastric problems etc after using these food stuffs. As thumb rule we should avoid the spicy, oily and rechauffe dishes during monsoon.

Hygiene: Hygiene is next to God especially personal hygiene is very important in the rainy season; chances of skin infections are very high. Daily Changing of undergarments, Socks etc will be helpful. Cut your nails , Wash your hands time to time , Proper using of shampoos on regular basis , will keep you fresh and Hygienic.

Fruit, Juices and raw Veggies: Should be ideally eat and drink fresh, don’t store it for long, avoid keeping the cut fruit in the open, chances of contaminations are rocket high. It is strongly recommended to avoid the Cut salads and veggies also, Specially leafy vegetables due to dust and worms. Good options are steamed or blanch salads , as very light and healthy for the body.

Milk and milk products: one need to be careful when handling, storing, and having various milk & milk products. Proper boil the milk before consume. Using of clean pans & pots. Cakes & Pastries should be eaten well in time, don’t store for long due to using of cream If any doubt through it away. Milk Bottles should sterilize properly, especially in case of babies.